Energy-saving light box 0005

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Energy-saving light box ( Product Number:LB-ESLB-0005 )

Energy-saving light box

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  • Energy-saving light box

Product Description

Product introduction: The wind energy and solar energy are inexhaustible and reproducible source .The wind power and solar power system have been applied preliminarily in our country while both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages,but on the condition of no wind or rainy day,the wind power and photoelectric energy can not guarantee to provide the electrical energy continuously,if the outlying district where there is without power grid have to equip considerable energy storage equipment if they want to use wind energy and photoelectric singly.After adopting the complementation technology between the wind driven generator and solar energy generator,we can solve a single generation discontinuous problems so that we can guarantee the stable power supply.Our country is monsoon climate area where the winter monsoon is strong and the solar radiation intensity is small in winter while summer monsoon is small and the solar radiation intensity is strong,and that is why the complementation technology between the wind driven generator and solar energy generator is now in widespread use.   Generally the small complementation system between the wind driven generator and solar energy generator consists of wind driven generator、solar energy battery module、controller、inverter、energy dissipation load、battery module、 stand and so on.The working principle of power generating system is just like shown in the following figure.After the rectification between DC(Direct Current) generated by solar energy battery module and AC(Alternating Current) generated by wind driven generator module in the sunlight in the day,one part which is transferred into AC by inverter is to load through controller and the anther part is used for charging battery;When the sunlight and wind energy are inadequate ,the battery electrical power will be changed into AC for AC capacitance use through inverter.

Product Features:

1.Cost savings;

2.No need artificially maintenance since It can work automatically;

3.Stable performance and sustainable power supply;

4.Safe performance and no danger in operation;

5.The average of long service life is 15-20 years;

Production materials:

1.Wind driven generator:Transfer the wind energy source into electric energy;

2.Solar energy panel:Transfer the luminous energy into electric energy;

3.Lead-acid battery:Accumulation energy;

4.Controller:It controls the solar energy pane、wind driven generator and battery charge-discharge;

5.Inverter:Transfer DC inverse into AC to load;

6.Unloading unit:Unload unwanted electrical energy;

7.Stainless steel wire pole light box

Applicable scope: Most of outdoor places

Service Life: The average service life is about 15-20 years.

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