In fact, the acrylic is a kind of organic glass, but better than ordinary organic glass. Acrylic word signs marking is with Macdonald, KFC and other international well-known enterprises for the demonstration of the use and gradually enter the Chinese market. The traditional metal plate is easy to rust, durable neon is easy to burn out, for businesses are not good. While acrylic characters ( light boxes ) do not have these problems, can satisfy business both day and night effect, bright color, can provide personalized service, and can provide a unified standard size, uniform distribution and many other services, which favored.

  Acrylic word you know what is produced? I will give you details.

  Acrylic characters when making according to the font size is used to select the plate thickness, the thickness of the die is also related to it. If the thickness of the plate is not enough, acrylic characters strength will be a lot worse, it is easy to damage.

The scrolling light boxes in our lives also plays a large role in

  Acrylic word size and the thickness of the die is generally acrylic word size is bigger, the thickness of the die is thicker, making time and not a strict formula, are generally based on the experience to do. Acrylic characters have 3, wherein the tip drum, drum in that word word word size and thickness proportional fonts appearance, under the premise of maximum thickness, can be added to the 20 centimeters. For flat drum words, the experience is usually 60-70 cm word mold thickness can be 4 centimeters, mold a slight inclination; 90 cm -1 meters word mold thickness can be `6 centimeters, the mold is inclined; 1 meters above the word die thickness can be 8 centimeters mold slight inclination; 2 meters the word die thickness can do more than 10 centimeters, mold a slight inclination.

  2, acrylic word size and the thickness of sheet metal? Acrylic word production is the most commonly used 3mm acrylic sheet. But if the font size is relatively large or font is very high, in order to ensure the use safety and service life, it is necessary to strengthen the strength of plates, according to the font weight, flexibility and tensile force factors, selected to have sufficient strength plate.

  3, how to ensure the smoothness of the acrylic word? Produced acrylic characters smooth, and the lamp box panel paste is very convenient. And if not smooth, posted on the instability of. In order to guarantee the smoothness, can use the wide breadth of vertical electric belt machine, put the words in abrasive belt machine flat bottom.

  In 4, large acrylic word production should pay attention to what the problem? Large acrylic characters need after splicing, it must ensure that the two partial font splicing place flat face, such stitching up stability. Suction pressure molding cooling problems to deal with, around to using heavy compaction, cooling time for more than 12 hours. Our company provides acrylic word production and PVC, LED luminous characters, stainless steel word design production services