Led logo, signs of brightness by the following 5 main factors determine:

  Tube number, type, light output, color, and light in the light box position

  In 2, the material - acrylic sheet transparency, light reflection, absorption, and diffusion factor

  3 - dimension, light box, light box light box with special thickness and in the internal coating or other cloth material of the reflection factor

  In 4, light absorption, light box internal tube and an electric device on the effects of light

  5, maintenance - light output intensity with the increase of service life and lamp internal accumulation of dust weakened

       The slim  light boxes in our lives also plays a large role in

  Tube spacing ratio

  The acrylic plate making lamp standard light is uniform, depending on the sheet and tube spacer diffusion factor. Usually, diffusion factor greater than 0.8, the lamp than the interval ranged from 1 to 1.5, the effect is more ideal. This ratio can be calculated by the following formula.

  Tube spacing ratio = tube distance between centers / tube center to acrylic plate distance

      Neon lamp life is colorful goods

  If in a box in the use of a variety of different colors, is not a fixed rule to make reference to ensure uniform brightness is obtained, through the proof to verify the design is to obtain a desired effect

  Proofing can also ensure that finished products in different lighting color between get correct color balance compensation, do not appear on a visual color distortion.