The very next day words before the water poured in a glass on the word around, usually 1--3 hours glass luminous word natural release, handling and turning word evenly, balance, light-light, 1.5 meters above the word handling suggestion board, flip with two boards with words, 2.5 meters above the words suggest the use of square tube welding rack handling luminous characters, flip with two square tube welding rack with words. If the literal curing slowly or character stroke wide ( 30 cm above ) is not recommended word surface long time over (there may be caused by surface subsidence, word ) literally cured slowly or character stroke wide ( 30 cm above ) suggested that delayed a day back. Note: when the fabric two layer is solidified, abaxially not sticky hands when it in the glass water, so the very next day words when it is easy, if the very next day water 2 to 3 hours in order to facilitate the words.

  Another point of attention is the glass to level, especially for the black characters, glass panel levels caused by the uneven thickness, black word easily led unevenness.

       The slim  light boxes in our lives also plays a large role in

  Do black word note: edge will be good to clean glass polishing, the first layer of resin and 0.1% black slurry and 0.03% electric blue paste, thickness of 2 mm ( the thickness is important), curing time 2 hours ( this is key, fast dispersion caused by uneven, piebald ), the first layer completely dry before fall second layer (not completely dry will cause the piebald ), ratio of resin and 20%-40% aluminum hydroxide plus 0.03%~0.05% telecommunications blue, the thickness of 3-4 mm, curing time 1 to 2 hours.

  If the fabric I use plant resin due to viscous high fabric first layer of relatively thin flowing down, not to make black word with 3%--5% diluent, at temperatures below 10 degrees when doing other color words fabric but also appropriate to add a little thinner, thinner with styrene, can also use of industrial grade xylene ( general chemical shop can buy).

  Luminous characters from glass pulled out in order not to undermine the shiny paste special panel protection film.