As the production of outdoor advertising industry, own every day in their work, luminous words can say in the industry is very small, the Shanghai production of luminous words after can be direct, image, simple message, day in and day out, year after year, little luminous characters also have much knowledge. What led characters is what? How to make? Luminous characters of application of places so much, how to grasp the design philosophy?

  Font selection, to choose their own shop signs advertising the font, font have commonly used the standard font, also has some special character, according to their own shop in groups to select font design.

       The scrolling light boxes in our lives also plays a large role in

  2 color choice, luminous characters with white, yellow, red, green, blue, this several kinds of common forms, according to the need to choose the color, as well as with color, can be a color, also can be two colors.

  3 choice of materials, luminous characters are stainless steel, metal, galvanized plate, acrylic, plastic manufacturing process, punching, bending and so on, according to the need to choose different materials light-emitting character design.

  The above is simply to everybody sums up Shanghai luminous characters produced by the need to master the knowledge points, with the advertising industry and the increasing demand, production of luminous words in the outdoor advertising industry is important, although in the vast industry, luminous characters as a drop in the bucket, but it appears the advertising value is great, luminous the word as an advertising character independence.