Miniature stainless steel word refers to the very small size of stainless steel word, text to 1cm, to 0.5cm English word. In general, stainless steel word cannot meet the requirements, it is necessary to use miniature stainless steel characters.

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  Miniature stainless steel word patterns and text processing free, simultaneously has the bright gloss, three-dimensional sense of strong. The general use of suspenders of glue, one that is strong, can be further combined with other technology. Miniature stainless steel word is usually used in all types of crafts, electrical signs, more refined appearance.

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  Miniature stainless steel technology originated from South Korea, Japan and other countries, with the technology popularization, China has a mature production technology. The process is as follows:

  Materials using 0.01-0.2cm stainless steel material, can demand to material plated into the required color. According to the size of the text, the text with copper engraving forming, outstanding character outer line; this process is a key device, this device called the electroforming decomposition machine, the moment of good art, into the electroforming decomposition machine, and then the stainless steel covered with protective film, placed in the electroforming machine copper above, then placed into the color decomposition liquid, start the machine, about 15 minutes after contact with coated stainless steel molecules forming a natural, the out-dry, coating glue, covered with glossy paper, product production.