Main street on both sides of many stores and buildings are used in LED luminous characters, during the day and not see a difference, one night they settled. Some LED luminous characters may be in front of light behind a slightly dark, even the same words uneven brightness, the giant luminous characters especially apparent. There are colorful LED word color change has not consistent. What are the reasons for this situation, it is mainly installed when no good cause.

  Generally speaking, LED is 12V low-voltage power supply, its brightness is very sensitive to current. LED luminous characters in wiring by series connection, access line too long, and the sequence of LED, leading to supply current intensity inhomogeneity, which as side by side with taps, back water less and less.

      The scrolling light boxes in our lives also plays a large role in

  So, in the installation of LED luminous characters, we should take corresponding measures to avoid the problem of uneven brightness.

  The wires can not be too small, should use about 0.3 of the thread is appropriate. That is to say the total pipe to big, so that each can have water tap.

  In 2, the controller as close as possible to the luminous characters, is a wire and shorter, the power consumption is small.

  In 3, the controller in a compositor in the middle, to avoid the word luminous inequality. In 4, LED luminous characters using parallel connection, each word is directly connected to the controller. If the font larger, preferably a character strokes are connected in parallel, so that the entire LED luminous characters of the brightness uniformity.