We know, acrylic characters mainly plain drum words, words and word tip drum drum three, in fact, for these words, the difference between them is not the tool and cutter depth caused by. Now the three acrylic characters making two of them in the production process is simple talk.

  The first is flat flat drum drum words, on the characters of the production requirements are first to the needs of the words to use carbon paper scanning in density board, four must each take 5 cm, then with straight along the word line draw tool, using specialized file will be abrasive repair level, then use the file and sand character molds each edge and corner into a circular arc shape, it should be noted that in the process, must it smooth and homogeneous, then polished with sand paper. Second is a round drum words, it is the first step of production with the production requirements of drum words is the same, just it on all sides of the corner does not need grinding circular arc shape, the second step is to acrylic characters were heightened, molding, the high thickness must be proportionate to the size of the word, so out of the word is beautiful.

The slim  light boxes in our lives also plays a large role in

  The above is about two kinds of acrylic characters produced by the specific methods of operation, of course, in the actual operation of the process, may also occur in some other difficulties, which we need in the usual practice to a fumble, continue to accumulate their experience.