When it comes to acrylic characters, believe that all the people in a number of signs are often seen, for example the signposts or some of the words on the sign, the word above production technology is the application of this. The general method of making of the acrylic sculpture and paste, and then placed in an inside a luminous tube, or a built-in LED, second is the use of acrylic plastic, in placing in the luminous tube, also can be built in LED, third is the use of resin to a molding method. In fact, the same size made of resin LED luminous characters of brightness than it is to have.

The slim  light boxes in our lives also plays a large role in

  However, acrylic characters and LED luminous characters of the production process is different, the former is the word bigger is better, because it is a matter of folding or bending are pure handmade, only a portion of its surface is the use of computer of water cut, and its light was on the bottom plate; the latter production process is done, mold, and then put into the already sorted led, until the resin melt after it poured into the mold, after waiting for resin dry to remove mold, and then polished, rest and edge sealing technology, which is why resin word heavy reason.

        Neon lamp life is colorful goods

  Of course, for the advertising manager, there is still a problem to consider is the cost question about them, because, if the two words are put together, then the final results may be due to lack of brightness and acrylic luminous word for high brightness will increase the cost, but to take this approach the result will be a few times before. Therefore, people often say, fish and bear's paw can't have it both ways.