Acrylic has decades of history as a high quality plastic materials, in recent years, as their production, improved processing technology, change rapidly advertising trick card market in the industry is very influential. Acrylic appearance of new signs and design, attention, and gradually occupy more and more market share, in the high-end light box signs, and the first choice of many people well-known enterprises marking materials.

  Network printing network acrylic light boxes production process:

  ( 1) production of mold, mold is common wood, with the company to see the finished template, can be produced using a hand-held reciprocating mold, according to.

  ( 2) die processing: abrasive trimming, smooth, forming die.

  ( 3) die in a plastic platform position, with the female die is fixed aligned position.

  ( 4) acrylic sheet is heated, plastic devices commonly used in the ceiling of the main temperature of 70 at the lower end of the system 150.

  ( 5) acrylic sheet heating temperature change, realize soft, local ( type I, type ) plastic molding platform.

  ( 6) acrylic panel after the forming of semi-finished products, from grinding off the extra edge.

  ( 7) acrylic panel, word and inlay acrylic ( Note: the only acrylic light boxes without this process ).

  The metal frame and the selection of appropriate power lighting, metal frame is the integration of various parts of the lamp box, requires precise size, appearance, high mechanical strength and sealing performance, protect the internal electronic lighting and not destroyed. As for the specific use of the material, you need to determine the actual situation, you can use the aluminum alloy, steel.

        Acrylic light boxes since last year, in the production of outdoor advertising industry cut a striking figure.

  To meet these requirements, acrylic light box sign design, need to consider the following factors:

  Material type lamp box important substrate is equivalent to the building foundation, material choice is correct, it means half success. The more widely used light boxes signs there are mainly three kinds of materials: acrylic panels, computer boards and light boxes cloth, and the acrylic plate is undoubtedly one of the most promising class of materials.

  Acrylic has decades of history as a high-quality plastic materials in recent years production, improving processing technology, change rapidly in advertising market in the industry is very influential admission card. Acrylic appearance of new signs and design, attention, and gradually occupy more and more market share in high-end light box signs, and the first choice of many people well-known enterprises marking materials.

  Planar markers suggested all use acrylic plate height greater than 600 mm light box signs should be rational design of lighting, and hung on the fixed. A deformation preventing light box weight. Acrylic light boxes signs at the top of the top edge of the panel hung in region is bonded or otherwise secured, acrylic, and some light box frame of a solid, such as hanging crane, after all, top side will bear the weight of the parts. The bottom edge of the edge extension out of generosity. In order to ensure the long-term use of safety and reliability, all bonds should use the polymerization of acrylic acid adhesive. Light box structure design is reasonable, even hanging on top of the problem, not acrylic panel frame extrusion.

  When the adhesive acrylic board, the joint after processing the anti-lap slope can avoid light leakage of the joints, need to be spliced together a few pieces of acrylic plate number before long lamp light recommendations in each half joint allows the expansion of office space. In order to prevent excessive lateral plate of the top of each block of the center wedge acrylic plate, and then is fixed on the frame of the light box, ensure that each direction has the same amount of thermal expansion, can prevent the light leakage gap.

  The height of less than 600 mm light box signs, more or less can be used 3 mm acrylic plate with the traditional framework. If the lamp needs a very high surface roughness, no self-esteem and plate deformation, it is recommended to use 5 mm steel plate.