Light box used as a container and several light bulbs and a frosted glass top.

  Light boxes, has been widely used for many years. Because the bulbs are used they generally very hot glass surface. The depth of the lamp box is quite large, accommodating these bulbs. These boxes, mainly used for Photography Professionals' perceptions of transparencies and negatives of photographs.

  Due to the development of the fluorescent tube, lamp box can now not in use ordinary light bulb. This led to two major advantages. Fluorescent tube is usually much lower power, so the heat released is much less, also spread the complete surface of the lamp box light more even more.

  Lighting lamp box has changed radically in the past few years. Fluorescent tube slim is reduced to less than 5 mm in diameter. New fluorescent tube called a cold cathode fluorescent lamp, backlight, ` the United States other lighting development led to the development of leadership, lighting.

      Acrylic light boxes since last year, in the production of outdoor advertising industry cut a striking figure.

  With the use of cold cathode fluorescent lamp, the light box can be made very thin, and in some cases thin 18 mm. The light source -- namely, on the edge of the glass, rather than behind it, also a considerable reduction in depth of the lamp box. Glass or acrylic is constructed such that when the light guide built on the edges of the glass light deflecting surface uniformly distributed throughout the light complete glass surface.

  Installing a source edge diffusion glass, because of the type of lamp, lamp box surface is not hot. This allows the delicate products, such as X ray photographic film on the surface without damage. The use of cold cathode fluorescent lamp or a light emitting diode ` as a light source has many advantages, including lower power, about 90% lower than the traditional light bulb. They are virtually maintenance free, lasted 30000 hours before replacement is necessary. The color of the light can also be designed to meet the requirements of the light user.

  Modern light boxes are now used in many different applications, because it is thin and not hot. For example, in public places to display a poster boxes, more dangerous, not allowed. Modern light, it is not hot, is ideal for this display can be seen in many shopping malls and other. Further use of the lamp box can be found in hospitals, gallery, Academy of art and design company.