In simplest terms, a light box is a low power light bulb light diffuse propagation of light through a translucent box. They have several different uses.

  In art, light boxes for plate-making, design or pattern, or tracking. For example, if you ever get a tattoo, tattoo artist can use light tracking mode you select or for your tattoo with the transfer of ink, so that he or she transfer mode skin as a criterion, to start drawing on you. Comic book crossing can be used to track their art in the form of comics and graphic novels.

  Photography light box negatives and slides. A light box for small transparent image viewing, photographers are more likely to identify the image he or she wants.

  Other uses include stained glass design, embossed, quilting, calligraphy, or lettering. Basically, any purpose, the need for some form of tracking the works from one medium to another can be used light boxes.

  Light therapy: the most popular for light box

  Because a light box with diffuse, non-straining light of various wavelengths of light box, sometimes used in the treatment of seasonal affective disorder ( SAD ), a depression in the instigation, sunshine is insufficient, especially in northern climates. Not only light boxes provide full wave light therapeutic reasons, they can also provide ultraviolet.

      The slim  light boxes in our lives also plays a large role in

  Often used in the treatment of pain can be very bright and strong. Constant exposure to bright light, you can strain your eyes. Diffuse light to eliminate eye fatigue problem, allow yourself to exposure to light more time and frequency. Because the light is light to provide little or no UV, which is a more secure way of getting light therapy than exposure to the sun.

  Most boxes provide light treatment should focus led to shorter wavelength blue the sun. They should be calm, diffuse, let you close to your light box, so you can expose themselves to the highest possible amount of light.

  Light grief therapy should be large enough to provide light for all users, and consider the movements of the user during a normal day. You should be able to mount the lamp on the ceiling, which will allow the light to diffuse throughout the room, to provide you with the greatest amount of exposure, when you want in your day.

  You should also know when should you use your light box. Your therapist or doctor should be able to tell you what is the ideal time, and you can adjust its position, therefore.

  A portable light box is a good idea. It is difficult to use inconvenience or optical transmission equipment wind in the closet. Light box position, and processing, so you can easily move it, may be the best choice for you.