Light box technology can often be confusing if you don't do your research or are just starting to use light box. Light box is rapidly becoming a major advertising solutions to many places, such as restaurants, retail environment, casinos, shopping mall, exhibition, and more. One of the main thing to remember when looking to buy a box for any reason is, a " true" high quality light box has an effective optical diffusion model. The success of these models make a glow of the whole group, or a pattern, will be more light exhibition center. A true light diffusion model is not uniform, but an irregular pattern calculation algorithm, considering the area of the panel, the distance between the thickness, acrylic, and wattage lamp. Most of these algorithms and technology patents.

  Don't be fooled by the manufacturer to make false claims about their light box using the diffusion model, and in fact, they do not. These manufacturers of " false " light boxes will try to take shortcuts ( in many cases, to avoid the existing patent ) and printed or engraved pattern acrylic panels, no diffusion of light in an acceptable manner. In these cases, only a straight grid pattern printed on acrylic defraud the buyer thinks this is an advanced technology of light boxes. An example is an effective diffusion structure mode, further spaced edges (closest to the light bulb ) and strictly in the center, on more surfaces need access to light.

        The scrolling light boxes in our lives also plays a large role in

  A true high quality light, there is a delicate balance, when planning a way to eliminate the hot or cold spots. Again, there is an acceptable method, " diffusion ":

  •will transfer the brightest light was found near the edge of the panel in a minimum amount of light ( center ). The process to ensure that all areas of the panel are evenly lit.

  •other methods including alternative models, a light transmission panel center, which usually is the central focus of the observation point graphics, slightly lower than the surrounding panel light.

  In any case, you will want to ensure that your light is measured in a Book ( or intensity ). Check with the manufacturer to send you their light lux readings to determine compliance with your needs, before you buy. Whether you are buying a light box, led, fluorescent lamp, cold cathode fluorescent lamp bulb, or, not the testing and development of the light diffusion box, any ball was considered to be of no value, because it is not full capacity.