" Advertising lamp box not only beautify the bus shelters, but also plays a windshield effects, but it is often destroyed by people, which make us feel very helpless. " In November 14th, the city bus company responsible person in an interview with reporters said.

  In the morning 10 when the left and right sides, the reporter in the copper well road, a bus shelter to see, shelter inside a piece of advertisement lamp box facade has a large hole, around the residual plastic plate pieces, two repair work is an advertisement spray painting affixed to the advertising light boxes. A repair worker told reporters, the evening of October 31st, they had on the road all the damaged advertising spray painting for a replacement, but in November 1st the morning found, 3 bus shelters advertising light boxes, the 9 once again destroyed, they were replaced on the same day again, did not think of, shortly thereafter was destroyed.

       Acrylic light box since last year, in the production of outdoor advertising industry cut a striking figure.

  City Bus Corporation responsible person told the reporter, this road bus shelters advertising light box facade was originally a plastic board, almost completely destroyed, they had to negotiate with advertisers, all replaced by advertising painting spray painting. Unfortunately, these advertisement spray painting has destroyed. Advertising light box is broken, not only affects the shelter 's overall image, and the repeated replacement, the cost is also great. The responsible person told the reporter, copper well road, Tongguanshan Avenue and the remote sections of bus shelters advertising light box damaged phenomenon is particularly serious, a lot of bus shelters advertising light boxes have repeatedly confronted with black, which only in late October 31st two, this road has 6 bus shelters advertising light box 16 is destroyed. Bus shelters advertising light box is destroyed repeatedly, make them feel helpless and advertisers. The responsible person said, bus shelters is important infrastructure of city, but also show the city image of a window, hope that the general public can consciously safeguard the bus waiting booth.