Plans at the end of this year launched the Metro Line 9 South has been completed, ongoing vehicle and signal debugging, empty shuttle run full. At the same time, the station has all the decoration "appearance", " squares " shape and each station of different main colour for line 9 to add color.

  The ceiling decoration -- flagship " squares "

  The reporter saw in the line 9 station, station renovation has been completed. At present, in addition to advertising light box and hang the subway map, the export information signage has not been installed in place, including a gate machine, vending machine, information screens, equipment are in place.

       Acrylic light box since last year, in the production of outdoor advertising industry cut a striking figure.

  Line 9 station design style from "Nine" the character and squares, its shape in the modern society of multivariate evolution and the rational use of the form is the lattice and frame structure. The project manager Wang Yihong introduces to the reporter said, the design concept from the abstract " squares ", is China's history of calligraphy copy imitating a bounded lattice, is also the modern diversified pattern design with templates, into realistic lattice shape and form of frame design process, highlight the modern industry science and civilization, create a simple functional orbit traffic space atmosphere.

  The line 9 station the overall style of the decoration is very uniform, each with different colors to distinguish between the main station. The column with steel enamel " package "; the use of the main color square enamel plate and white grid spliced display across the ceiling, " squares " decoration ideas; a strip-shaped lighting lamps are arranged in the ceiling grid; vertical elevator design have a style of one's own, metope uses the main color gradient mosaic in the form of. The station decoration style overall simplicity.

  The different regions of different colors -- the station

  According to the location of focus, in accordance with the standard station, station for the color position. Liuliqiao station is located in mature areas, state organs are, the orange warm red tone; Seven Mile Zhuang station, east of Fengtai Avenue station, Fengtai Road station, is located in the ecological residential district and circle, thus setting for the yellow, green, blue; Keyi Road station, Guo Gong because the station next to the business city of science and technology, therefore, setting for the fantasy purple blue.

  The No. 9 line south, Fengtai Science Park Station, Liuliqiao station, Beijing West Railway Station station is the three decoration key station. Were joined by culture, traffic, the connotation of science and technology. The surface and interior design for light gray color plate, ceilings were set as yellow, black, grey, blue. For example, the Fengtai science and Technology Park Station was broken through " squares " ceiling, using a similar computer chip radiating lines, show the sense of science and technology; Liuliqiao station with a semicircular ceiling " hint " traffic hub, the concept of lead in all directions.

  In addition, the station ground all the use of gray granite, wall tiles from scratch proof aluminum, etc., has the advantages of no pollution and other environmental performance.

  The future and -- more lines transfer

  By the end of the opening of the line south of the southernmost 9, except with last year the opening of the Fangshan line. Besides, the northern terminal station to Beijing West Railway Station, does not access the city subway network. But by the end of next year, with the opening of the north, with Metro Line 1, line 4 and line 10 to realize, at the same time, but also set aside a with Metro Line 6, line 14 transfer condition.

  Reporters at the Seven Mile Zhuang station to see, the southernmost station has a white walls " living way ". Construction of municipal Luqiao holding municipal group three, white wall is reserved and the metro line 14 transfer space. Because of the space " tension ", line 14, Seven Mile Zhuang station design became the " narrow " subway station, uplink and downlink orbital distribution in a subsurface layer and underground layer three layer two, line 9 track is vertically across the 14 lines two underground floors of the station hall, two lines were " T " shaped transfer. At present, the transfer to reserve space has 9 lines together with construction completed, the next 14 lines directly from both ends " continued to dig ".