Today ( November 14th) at seven thirty-seven in the morning, Xi'an City Branch Chong Road Taibai Road cross the southwest corner Ka day beneath International Building facade Housing an explosion, as of 14 PM, the explosion killed 9 people, injured 37 people.

  The explosion site a mess the police scene of martial law

  At seven thirty-seven in the morning, Xi'an Branch a cross road, a snack bar, as a result of liquefied petroleum gas tank explosion caused by leakage, shock wave and the road bus station Hou and pedestrians.

      The slim light box in our lives also plays a large role in

  After the explosion, a reporter for the first time to the scene to see, is located in Chong Road Taibai Road cross the southwest corner Ka day International Building with a layer of explosion, in addition to the two floor advertising light boxes remaining " is Yue Xuan foot clubhouse " can determine business information, the remaining nearly 10 room window completely lose one's beyond recognition. As the crowds continued to increase, the police on the scene for the martial law.

  " The sound is so big, trembling, ear buzzing. " Explosion, is Ka day International Building opposite the white village breakfast Uncle Wang told reporters, because during rush hour, a lot of people in the explosion of shops in front of the bus, after the explosion, are powerful shock waves. Many pedestrians are blown glass and metal goods scratch.

  The daughter to school, drive from west to East Home Liu, exploded just running to Ka day international downstairs. The reporter sees, Ms. Liu right car glass is completely broken, the body also appears of different level damage. " Fortunately, from west to East drive, if it is from east to west, I in the cockpit will be injured. "

  The surrounding community water supply normal natural gas was closed

  Subsequently, the reporters came to the shops across the country small mini explosion. According to the understanding, explosion did not residents of the water and electricity generation influence, but Ka day International Building surrounding residential areas of natural gas pipeline has been closed.

  " They heard a thud, I quickly opened the curtain, outside a black smoke, vaguely can be seen lying on the ground. " Explosion shops opposite the resident Lee told reporters, he usually start work at seven thirty this morning, a little late, did not think of escaped a disaster.

  A false alarm: the rescue scene two of natural gas leakage

  At around 12:15 noon, as rescue basically ended, firefighters in the Ka day International Building explosion shops of cleaning up the site was found, a natural gas pipeline leak, causing the tube within the residual gas leakage. Firefighters and shops of reporters to evacuate. The discovery in a timely manner, and the natural gas pipeline have been closed, did not result in greater casualties.