From the City Project Construction Committee was informed that, our city road floor box finishing pilot project has been completed, a total of 45 streets of the 129 power, street lamp box decoration, which the City Project Construction Committee Edmonton Road, Central Avenue des street, Songshan road in the road 73 ad box decoration, municipal urban management Bureau of Zhongshan Road, South straight road etc. on the way to 56 body finishing.

      The slim light box in our lives also plays a large role in

  Since the beginning of September 5th, the City Project Construction Committee jointly with the Municipal Urban Management Bureau on Main Street on both sides of the street lamp light power and ground box body decoration engineering. According to the position of the box body, box body size and body style, and the surrounding environment relationship in specific circumstances, adopt combination design and environment design and the surrounding buildings, combined with the characteristics of the landscape and city culture, the combination of different finishing solution.

  Yesterday afternoon, deputy mayor Wei Wei inspected the new sport under the overpass, five Li Fan gardens, provincial archives gate, Wenchang street and Xuanhua street, Songshan Road, Huaihe Road intersection, South straight road, Changjiang Road, Edmonton Road, Hong Road, urban road, city and street lamps on both sides of the main street electrical box decoration and floor the beautifying work.