Yesterday morning, reporters in the urban area of Putian East Road south of market sections to see, set in the side of the road a cement pole on a light box advertising is dilapidated, the advertisement on the plastic cloth wind tearing, hanging in midair, light boxes inside the tube to support spread all across in confusion. Reporter noted, the light box ad plastic cloth has been bleached, the stent is rusting, corrosion is serious, make a person very worried when it will fall down.

  " Before it happened to outdoor advertising light boxes luminous tube fragmentation flying wounding phenomenon. " A nearby shop owner told reporters, the old advertising light box set here for a long time, this year some of typhoon blew it so badly, but no one has to replace or remove. Every time from after the following will be always on tenterhooks, particularly windy weather is more dangerous, hope that the authorities concerned to this can cause height to take seriously, be removed in time.

       Acrylic light box since last year, in the production of outdoor advertising industry cut a striking figure.

  Subsequently, the reporter will matter to the city three brigade reflect, staff position will be immediately sent to the scene to dispose of, also pedestrians a safe environment for travel.