Look is a bus station kiosks, but neither the bus stops, no bus stops, the station Pavilion below the lamp box advertisement has been replaced, which is located in the southeast near and in the vicinity of the partial bus station kiosks, let the public high felt, is easy to mislead people go astray, but also for suspected of advertising. Beijing bus ads limited liability company staff said, advertising light box is attached bus station kiosks exist, not specifically for the advertising and setting bus station kiosks, the station kiosks may be false, may also be public transportation station migration time after transfer station Pavilion, they will go to view and handle.

  The public bid: abandoned bus station booth " advertisement "

  The public high gentleman introduces, in the southeast near the main road and some other places, there are some canopy, guardrail have bus station kiosk. But approached after that, the station Pavilion there was neither a bus stop, no bus stop here. But shed following several large advertising light boxes, but some people management and update.

      The scrolling light box in our lives also plays a large role in

  Mr. Gao said, such as tumor hospital of South Gate, both sides of the road are a bus station kiosks, but the station kiosks within only a few large advertising light boxes, and did not stop and bus. Mr. Gao said, he didn't know the station kiosks why no bus, but sometimes will see some familiar traffic man carrying a bag to find the bus after failed, he feels easy to mislead the passengers. In addition he thinks, bus station kiosks to occupy the public road, should provide the public service, but there is no bus stop only advertising light boxes, which made him feel these station kiosks role only advertise, " something is wrong. "

  The reporter visits : the innocent again and again by " misleading "

  Yesterday afternoon, reporter in the Fangzhuang north near the South Second Ring Road West to East Main far to see, to have a bus stop kiosks, a woman sitting in the station kiosks and rest, approached after seeing the station Pavilion, front and side lane and " bus lane " signs, light box advertising is the recently released movie information, but there is no bus stop. Beside working sanitation master kindly remind: " there is no bus, stop looking. "

  Similarly the East Second Ring around the tumor hospital. Reporters in the tumor hospital outside of the west of the main road near see, north to south bus station on the side of the main road direction, but opposite the bus station is on the side road. However, on the opposite side of the main road also has a bus station kiosks, and the overpass has dedicated channel leading to here. A north direction passengers over the bridge after going to the main road, the two steps and then stops, " Oh no, " he said. When asked by reporters when he said, " look carefully will not go astray, but his walk. "

  The reporter understands, in Wangfujing and some bus station kiosks, there are no stop sign only billboard.

  The public response: not for advertising station kiosk

  Reporters yesterday called 96166 Beijing bus line, staff said bus advertising by the Beijing bus ads limited liability company, Advisory advertising company. Beijing bus ads limited liability company staff member introduction, in the bus station kiosks advertising on a lamp box advertisement is approved. She said, in principle only a bus stop, where buses can stop setting bus station kiosks, not to advertise and setting bus station kiosk.

  The staff said, no stop sign only billboard bus station kiosks may be the following: one is some fake bus advertising company, the company is very difficult to cure; furthermore, the bus station due to road reconstruction or line change and abandoned or migration, but the bus station kiosks not timely treatment, or bus station after migration will also move back, so the station Pavilion will be reserved.

  The staff also said, the two men on the bus station kiosks if removed, will form a gap, this location is mounting rails or plants, are not they say, to several departments of collegiate. The reporter mentioned the bus station kiosks which case, they said to verify and deal.