8 days of before dawn zero hour 30 minutes, in Shandong northbound to the south branch near to near Yangzhong, a speeding black Buick car suddenly hit a car park on the side of the road white Volkswagen car, white car into the roadside green belt, the Buick car to a 180 degree turn. Witnesses said the driver was wobbly stand like wine.

  At 7 pm, reporters rushed to the scene of the accident, the car was only a white car stop in place, and the left rear has a serious injury, the rear wheel is almost fell sideways, car washing up on next to the green belt, the right front wheel and knocked into a tree, beside a a draw for light boxes advertising has break. According to witness an introduction, after the accident, the traffic police will cause trouble car towed.

  According to an introduction, after the incident, he saw a man standing at the fair site not far away, Huanghuangyouyou, stand flabby, looked like a drink, always on the phone. The president said, this man is the driver, at the site for 10 minutes walk.

      The scrolling light box in our lives also plays a large role in

  At 8 a.m., the white car owners Mr Dong came to the scene, he said, the car that he had just bought for two months, all formalities completed spent 350000 yuan, traveling a total of less than 5000 kilometers. 8 days afternoon 3 when make, Dong calls to tell a reporter, the driver has been in custody. At present this police still further processing.