" Camp is a young aspiring achievements dream stage, who is the most lovely person. Recruitment began, you are welcome to register for. " Recently, working in Shenzhen north by school-age youth small Wang visited city "the recruiting information " webpage, the very next day departed for home application for. Since the end of 10, city of relying on modern information technology advantage, innovation conscription propaganda form, with good results. To date, there have been more than 750 school-age youths enrolled conscripts.

       The scrolling light box in our lives also plays a large role in

  Conscription this year started, the full use of network, the news media, mobile phone short message, electronic display and other modern media means, carry out, be lively and vivid visual image of the conscription propaganda, strengthen the publicity of the appeal and attraction. They opened a " Recruitment Information " webpage and column, and the organization of site management and editors' innovation propaganda means, in the form of e-mail will city conscription office prepared " conscription policy 30 ask " sent to the users mailbox; coordination of local radio stations, TV " National Defense Mobilization Law ", " the military service law " and " conscription " rules of work of such knowledge, play the military film, open recruitment column; and mobile, Unicom and telecom companies jointly to mobile phone users, mass recruitment policy, system and relevant stages and trends in the SMS, telecommunications company also for conscription of customized ringing tone, the user can be downloaded free of charge. At the same time, they also help the city commercial pedestrian street, station, hospital, bank and each are big bazaar electronic publicity window, light boxes billboards, city culture and media facilities, continuous rolling and update the recruitment propaganda, and according to the public places for people to stay for a short time characteristic, specializes in the production of a number of art knowledge, interest, as one of the conscription propaganda short film, for parents and youth recruitment situation understanding provides a new platform.