Recently, our hotline received a public report: on urban green belt on both sides of the road from the entrance of the advertisement lamp box is too high, block line of sight, seriously affect the passage of vehicles and pedestrians. November 2nd afternoon 4 when make, a reporter went to RD on-the-spot investigation. If citizens have reflected, this section of the road from Jianshe Road to Guo State Road, on both sides of green with an entrance, are mounted on a billboard, and the advertising lamp box panel direction coincides with the road into a vertical angle ( pictured), pedestrian only, can observe whether a border around two vehicles pass, but the drive access speed lane, because in the car, the advertising light box advertising a stop, the driver's line of sight is not good, traffic safety is threatened. In the survey, a drive from the hotel to the main lane left Zhang driver told reporters, he each entry and these junctions, very carefully, always worry about crossing would suddenly pedestrians and vehicles through. " My house is in on the road east of the village, every time I drive to work, must go through these junctions, each time through the all around for a long time, for vehicles or pedestrians. This summer, once home work through the intersection, the view was blocked, not found in an electric car is fast through, thanks to my car just starting, slow speed, foot brake, an accident, up to now have feel scared. " It 's home to see the reporter, also mentioned a green belt of the advertising light boxes to nearby residents travel to bring security problems. "In fact, these advertisement lamp box if not erected in the access road, and the panel direction change, the car and people will be less dangerous. " A passing citizens to express their point of view.

    The slim light box in our lives also plays a large role in