After several years of development, scrolling light boxes have been most people know, you basically have approved the product compared to other light superiority and unique. It is the traditional ordinary light box upgrades, also calculate box family inside the high-end products, but it can not completely take the place of traditional light box. It should be by storm and fashionable and high streets and back lanes, but eventually settled, and other light as an advertisement display device exists. It is not every product destiny, so no ground for blame. The domestic market and the development of the disorder itself like a swarm of bees, scrolling light box development it is difficult to avoid. Just the two country like bamboo shoots after a spring rain as out greatly small pile can make scrolling light box manufacturers. On one hand we fear the market is going to be bad, on the other hand, we inevitably confounded scrolling light box technology threshold, making threshold so low? In fact, from the current market appears ceaselessly the paralysis of scrolling light box and a sick day maintenance of the scrolling light box, it is easy to get the answer. Want to do the scrolling light boxes, especially the outdoor type rolling light boxes. Want to make this huge monster also counting device, all the year round, every day for more than ten hours to normal rolling, regardless of wind and rain or exposure to the sun or stand on a world of ice and snow, easier said than done! Have a certain strength, no strong professional technology, perfect after sale service system as well as the industry experience, will only make a pile of scrap metal. Want to put in the home feeling good rolling light boxes rolling moved to outdoor bad environment, hope it can take operation, like hothouse flowers in the wild hope it can open a splendid as childish. So many can produce indoor light rolling enterprise, want to do outdoor rolling light boxes or have a lot of homework to do. And should be in the price difference between indoor and outdoor rolling light boxes rolling light boxes, and at present we haven't done.

     The scrolling light box in our lives also plays a large role in

Customers really want scrolling light boxes like scrolling light boxes, is the customers really want? Products to the market, only truly understand customer needs, to produce the most customer satisfaction with the products. Although the customer demand is somewhat different, but our comprehensive market conditions and customer response, or to find a relatively accurate product positioning. It is self-evident scrolling scroll painting light boxes for the most basic use function, but we guarantee basic use function should also be properly on these problems: 1, appearance and process: now advocate the experience economy, the eyeball economy. A product for the first feeling is very important, especially as an advertising equipment, as a display device, should take the appearance of product, process requirements to be put in significant position. Must not blindly pursue practical function, while ignoring those more likely to do, this is our domestic product defects. In 2, stable and reliable performance, the scrolling light box generally has a high failure rate, poor stability and other problems. Of course there are many factors, such as some customers blindly pursue low-cost, sometimes for a penny; and production enterprise itself exists uneven, some good and some bad. In 3, the product should be easy to maintain, easy operation. It is currently rolling light boxes to treat settlement problem urgently, but also restricts the scrolling light box, a popular and important barriers. The structure is complex, especially in the maintenance and the replacement of the picture is the lack of good way. To strive for the plug-and-play, can be arbitrarily changed the whole picture or a single image, but also can scroll most advertising material, such as canvas, all kinds of film and other. In 4, a scroll painting medium (2-8 images ). Due to the interior space is limited and the picture itself is production process problems, what can the rolling 15 or more, without the necessary is not very realistic. In 5, the right price, or to guarantee a scrolling light box, a relatively good point of profit. Otherwise, how to ensure the quality, how to ensure that the customer service service. Low profit but not conducive to the development of the industry. 6, other functions, such as: power failure automatic reset function, keyboard operation or configure the remote control, storage functions ( power supply problems can not be solved all-day ).