A few days ago, Yanji residents Mr Tsui and one field from the 20 year old girl, in Yanji city has different bus station advertising light boxes and other contacts, but fortunately no matter.

  The nineteen thirty, Mr. Xu in Yanji city and on the west side of Lake terrace youth bus station waiting, he was sitting on the chair to rest, in his body contact seat moment, suddenly feeling is a current hit, Mr. Xu got up immediately, after feeling unwell. Mr. Xu have a lingering fear that, thanks to his quick reaction, otherwise the consequences be unbearable to contemplate. Afterwards, he is suspected of bus station advertising light box leakage, and dial 110, to warn other motorists careful.

       The scrolling light box in our lives also plays a large role in

  In addition, the twenty-one thirty, in Yanji city on the east side of East studios shelters, a 20 year old girl lying on the seat, the body twitching. The crowd rushed the alarm. The police arrived, the girl has regained consciousness, but not very clear about what just happened, all seemed lost memory. At this point, the police noticed a little girl, mouth vomit, neck and arm hairs have been Liao black marks, and accompanied by multiple spot, the girl repeated " headache ".

  For a girl of symptoms, the crowd analysis, she may be dead. " Which have electricity? " A taxi driver was curious, he get off touch chair feeling fine, and touched the back of advertising is also all right. But, when he sat down and rely on in the light of the advertising board, " whoops! " The driver of a high bounce up: " really have electricity. " To this, we decided that girl really got an electric shock.