Some time ago, this newspaper reported the road tunnel under the wall appeared 28 the size of the hole, and in August 2nd a citizen report, the tunnel 30 advertising light boxes are " scalping ", tube damaged, seriously affected the city's landscape.

  On the morning of 11, the reporters came to the road Yunnan obstetrics and gynecology hospital next to the tunnel on the sidewalk, found two rows of advertising light boxes only aluminum alloy frame, advertising banners all torn, the inside of the tube have also been destroyed, the ground littered with tube fragments, bare wire messy.

  Responsible for the area clean Aunt Li said: " today at 5 a.m. in the morning, I'll clean up, found all over the ground glass, advertising light boxes advertising cloth being stripped. They do not know what to do to steal the advertising cloth, will also tube break, presumably to the aluminum alloy frame lever down. " In Li 's leadership, the reporter saw the tunnel on both sides of the sidewalk, with 7 boxes with aluminum alloy frame was stolen, and some light aluminum alloy frame beneath the levered, screw shake and crumble. Reporter number, destroyed light boxes a total of more than 30.

         The scrolling light box in our lives also plays a large role in

  " Broken lamp on a ground, it is easy to hurt people. " Aunt Li angrily told reporters, the tunnel from 4 months ago were stolen, the thief is stealing one or two light boxes, now emboldened, even this all " looting".

  " Although the lamp debris has been cleared, but after the rain, the bare wires after the tide had great potential safety hazard. Every day from here come many pedestrians, if hurt people is not good. " Aunt Li said