A few days ago, Korea town environment to do joint area unit, office of industry and commerce, public security, comprehensive management of social security office, defense team and other related departments, the town area of Shun Road, fire Temple Road on both sides of the fine investigation and focus on remediation. The joint regulation to Shun Road, fire Temple Road on both sides of the merchant, highlights include the reactor feed, shop operation, stall, enough light box plaque, did not fulfil " in front of three" system of job responsibility, vehicle Luantingluanfang wait for illegal behavior. This action has dispatched 11 vehicle trips, dispatched personnel 39 person-time, large trucks, 2 two, 47 businesses were standardized, which stores operating 21 stores, lumber material 26, pedlar 23 person-time, total check reactor feed articles of 21, illegal business tools and articles of 18, remove illegal outdoor advertising plaque and advertising light boxes a total of 6, compulsory dismantling Sidaluanjian shed 1.

        The scrolling light box in our lives also plays a large role in

  The joint law enforcement inspection, inform remediation quickly, fine, on daily law enforcement in the difficulties of one one clean-up, effectively solves the influence of appearance of the town of town of capacity problems, the next step will be to maintain a good town government environment based on order, increase the efficiency of dredging, area residents and create a better environment for health and market order.