Recently, in order to " subway safety, we pay close attention to jointly " as the theme of the third Metro Public Safety Awareness Week activities officially started. The publicity week, Shanghai Metro light box will launch a series of safety campaign, around " car safety knowledge, the correct use of the subway, public facilities to deal with emergencies " three aspects of development, highlighting the emergency response.

       The scrolling light box in our lives also plays a large role in

  During the promotion week, in track traffic operation of 11 lines in 500 scrolling light boxes, will be jointly broadcast public safety knowledge, transfer hub station in large propaganda stickers affixed to the wall, in the network station, car display, all-day rolling playing in public safety as the theme of public service announcements light boxes, in focus the station escalator above, will introduce additional " mind the step, tensioning arm " safety tips for broadcast.

  In a period of a week, Shanghai subway will also through various media and forms, launched a series of safety campaigns, such as offering 100 of the Shanghai subway ( " ask " Comic Reader ), 100 ask content micro-blog promotion, in subway employees collection " public security golden ideas " activities.