At about one twenty yesterday morning, Shahekou District of North China Liu Bridge market near the road, a car knocked down a roadside advertisement lamp box.

       The slim light box in our lives also plays a large role in

  When reporters arrived at the scene, the injured have been rushed to a nearby hospital, a white car lose one's beyond recognition, the side of the road a aluminum alloy advertisement lamp was knocked down. According to the taxi driver Lee, when he drove from north to south is going to travel to North Road and the Willow Street intersection, a car with his counterparts from behind the white car quickly washed up, in order to dodge a turning of the vehicle, the white car suddenly veered to the right, the first is to hang on to a car parked in the the rear end of the cab, and headed straight to the roadside advertising lamp box into aluminum alloy. After the accident, the driver from the vehicle climbs out for help, Lee, many taxi drivers have stepped forward to help the car accident, in two people rescued. At present, the specific reasons for the accident is still under investigation.