Cancel along taxi site advertising lamp box

  At present, our existing bus stop style obsolete, since the site is too long, the billboard are too close, affect the visual effects. At the same time, people reflect, current taxi station usage rate is not high, and all advertising light boxes, also on the image caused by the impact block.

  This transformation, the existing 20 bus station advertising light boxes to cancel entirely, in the existing position unchanged, bus station to group as a unit, according to the bus station number and flow, set up a group to three groups of bus stops; in Kowloon tripod transit station, set four group public transportation site.

  Along 24 rental station point to cancel all existing advertising lamp box, the position unchanged, according to the traffic flow is arranged a taxi station. At the same time, a new taxi station set only signs, not setting the canopy and information card.


       Illuminated Signs than general signage is more eye-catching, public buildings in the interior of people play a guidance and indication function.



  Construction of multi-functional kiosks

  In view of the current Zhongzhou road along various box, information kiosks distributed disorderly situation, renovation project will also be on the sidewalk, the green belt separation in the power supply, mobile, street lamps, landscape, traffic police and other departments to set all kinds of box and the property unit setting information kiosks, the plan arrangement, merge, and the shape of packaging beautify.

  I will also combine the reconstruction project, in the design of multifunctional kiosks along. This kind of pavilion construction when the newspaper kiosks, kiosks, telephone booths and other functions are combined to form, can meet all kinds of needs of multifunction pavilion. At the same time, kiosks to Zhou Dynasty traditional patterns for the external master patterns, reflect the history and culture of Luoyang.

  Various types of electricity box and other municipal facilities in reform, also be unified decorated with traditional style pattern.

  The next 3 by the end of the reconstruction.

  To ensure the construction quality, the renovation project will be the first facilities renovation, addition of underground pipeline, sidewalk pavement construction, to be warm again after the slow lane construction. Among them, 30 December water group completed the people of West Road to the northeast side of the slow lane water pipeline construction; on 20 January next year before the property unit complete with facilities of rectification work; February of next year before 20 completed the sidewalk construction; March of next year before 25 completed the slow lane construction; 3 completed by the end of next year, all the buildings and streetscape renovation task, planned duration of approximately 90 days.