Guangzhou property rights exchange recently issued the announcement shows, this one is Zhongshan Avenue BRT1700 a plurality of large and small, for painting light box advertising light box, only the 3 year lease fee will be 6000000. The intention of bidders need to notice issued within 20 working days after registration.

  Guangzhou Property Rights Exchange announced a few days ago, owner of Guangzhou city construction investment development limited company this to put it up for auction is BRT along advertising. Zhongshan Avenue bus rapid transit ( BRT ) along the line 26 platform of 1700 large and small advertising light boxes, as well as the people inside the tunnel on both sides of the wall advertising as a whole pack auction.

        The scrolling light box in our lives also plays a large role in

  The auction will set a reserve price, bidder bid shall not be lower than the reserve price. Attention is required, the price does not include these bus stations light boxes advertising rental facility, that is to say, the winner also costs an extra 3 years a total of 6000000 rent. Interested bidders need within 20 working days of registration, and to the Guangzhou property rights exchange pay 1000000 as deposit.