In the streets of Zhongguancun, the reporter observed, many shops are equipped with electronic screen advertising. In the night in the shade, this seemingly obscure rolling screen appears especially dazzling. Especially some businesses in order to loot eyeball, there will be a caption such as " today's special ", " come and grab " constantly flashed. The driver Mr Wong told reporters, several times by the red light to flash halo, eye for a long time to recover. Shopping is more of the billboard, some also with a large electronic screen advertising. Reporter rough statistics, in the streets of Zhongguancun, about 300 meters on both sides of the road, there are 6 large electronic advertising screen in circulating continuously advertisements. Reportedly, some of these ads is 24 hours of play, also one part after 10 pm will turn off.

      The slim light box in our lives also plays a large role in

Reporter notes, 6 large electronic screen, there are three block is mounted vertically in the mall building walls, the player is flash kind of animated ads. During the day, the rapid changes in the flash won't attract attention. But at night, from time to time scintillation dynamic screen it is hard not to distract drivers' attention. " Electronic billboard was great, do not want to see. ", a regular driving through Zhongguancun street public told reporters, each time to here are more careful, afraid of being the frequently changing color to sting the eyes, what went wrong. Shijingshan: light shielding installation thick curtains reporter discovered in the interview, many building top are equipped with large advertising light box, because of their high position, as it is far. At night, even from the billboard is some distance from the residential area to get their " shines ". Living near Zhongguancun Lin told reporters, her behind the hotel, every evening, late into the night light is off, the dazzling bright according to her home, let one family without a good rest. In Shijingshan, Ms. house is a large shopping mall, the giant advertisement lamp night light in the room, don't turn the light on. Can sleep at night will be trouble, Ms. Du said, her children are sensitive to light, a light would make it difficult to sleep, had no choice but to make a thick curtains.