" Yanan street the last bus station advertising light box advertising " mouth ", advertising light boxes inside the wire exposed, very dangerous. " 7, Changchun people Mr. Sun reflected.

         Neon lamp life is colorful goods

         Illuminated Signs than general signage is more eye-catching, public buildings in the interior of people play a guidance and indication function.

  The afternoon of the 7 day, the reporter is located in Yanan Street Tongde road bus station, the reporter saw, across the street from the two bus shelters, and two site advertising light boxes are there different levels of tension crack phenomenon. One site billboard both sides " mouth ", the middle tube and wire plaque is exposed outside; while the other side site billboard has a " mouth ", it can easily scratch. In the scene, the reporter saw no to repair or replace the advertising staff. " Billboard " mouth " has been a long time, not only in appearance, but also hidden safety problems. " A regular in the sites such as car passenger Ms. Zhang said. Subsequently, the reporter has problems to 12345 staff.