Yesterday morning, reporters at the scene, a man stuck in a Deshang advertisement position. According to the insiders, at a time when many people in the floor of the shop early to eat breakfast, it was found to have a blood dripping from the top, looked up to find a man in the advertising light boxes. At this time the public phone and dialed 110, soon the police hurries to the spot, according to the field situation, request fire department to come to the rescue.

  The scrolling light box in our lives also plays a large role in

Hedong detachment fire truck and firefighters rushed to the scene to carry the ladder, made a rescue plan. The fireman climb upstairs with a stretcher and a rope to the old down, to the 120 emergency rescue personnel, check to make sure the old man has been killed by. The police then recruited elderly family members, according to family members to speak the old man is 89 years old this year, was very healthy. The near neighbor called the day before he saw the old man went downstairs to buy food. Then the police on the scene for the investigation and evidence collection, specific causes are investigated further in.