December 9th, city appoint the safe streets, Main Street building, sports street, 6 sections of the pole lamp box advertisement use rights auction. In the future, the combination of the auction experience will all the city outdoor advertising of the right to use market operation.

       Acrylic light box since last year, in the production of outdoor advertising industry cut a striking figure.

  It is reported, the stone city outdoor advertising to set, will be the spirit of " fair, just, open, transparent " principle, the full implementation of market-oriented operation. Outdoor commercial advertising the location of use right gradually through paid way. Compensation for the use of rights to auction in the form of. The scope of compensation for the use by the city hall on the basis of outdoor advertisement planning identified and published for implementation. Incorporated into the scope of compensation for the use of outdoor advertising position set by the city management administrative departments use auction scheme, reported City Hall approval. The city hall approval of outdoor advertising location use auction, the property units and individuals shall cooperate. Outdoor advertising arrangement position compensation for the use of a period not exceeding 3 years. Set expires, shall be renewed for auction.

  Auction outdoor advertising arrangement position of income, execute income and expenses two line management, the funds earmarked for city construction and management of. City Finance, audit, supervision, price and other departments should strengthen the paid use set operating outdoor advertising revenue funds management and supervision and inspection work.