Outdoor advertising outdoor advertising is a bustling city of modern fashion, is enchanting modern dream. Asia Poster CEO Small Wood once said " outdoor advertising is the true mass media. Not all people watch TV, read newspapers or surf the Internet, but anyone who left home, will see the outdoor advertising. " 1 the visual impact of a set in gold a sector of an area of giant billboards, or everywhere at shelters, is any attempt to establish lasting brand image of the company contends for surely. Many well-known outdoor billboards, because of its sustained and outstanding, become an area famous landmarks. 2.24 hours a day for many outdoor media is lasting, all-weather publishing, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week stand, propagation time most. Online media has similar advantages, but in the virtual world, the audience needs a set of preconditions to close, and outdoor media, because of physical space and uniqueness, this kind of advantage play more thoroughly. 3 information impact strong outdoor media can mobilize the various field expression means, build a comprehensive, rich sensory stimulation. Image, statement, three-dimensional objects, sound effects, dynamic environment ... ... And so on, can skillfully blend in. The 4 creation frequency through strategic arrangement and distribution of media, outdoor media to create the ideal reach and frequency. Correct choice of time, place, and the correct use of the outdoor media, is the ideal range, exposure to almost every aspect of the crowd, and the audience 's rhythm of life with a seamless heavenly robe. 5 get in by every opening.The scrolling light box in our lives also plays a large role in