184 days of the World Expo, a conservative estimate of 70000000 people flow, and the 70000000 stream of people's attention has been the foreign capital bank at. Reporter recently learned from Hang Seng Bank [109.90 -4.35%], the bank during the period of the Spring Festival " grab" to the Pudong airport of the large advertising light boxes. " This is one of the busiest airports in China, transport during the Spring Festival period is estimated to be about 1800000 passengers from Pudong International Airport entry-exit, during Shanghai World Expo 2010, Pudong airport passenger flow to rise sharply. " Hang Seng Bank relevant responsible person said, the line of a group of large advertising light boxes have been on the eve of the Spring Festival in Pudong airport and terminal two launch. The personage inside course of study points out, foreign banks in China still need to continue to develop, market share is relatively high. During the Expo home and abroad in the Yangtze River Delta new visitors expected are respectively 33000000 and 1900000 people, the Shanghai World Expo the economic cake looks very attractive.

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